The History

The roots of the relationship between the Dante Cardini Jewelry Shop, the city of Florence and, in particular, the Ponte Vecchio, where the boutique is located, has a strong link to the past and the history of Florence.

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence, the only one left intact after the Second World War bombs. It was built in 1345 and initially populated by the shops of the “Beccai”, the Florentine butchers.

Only 250 years later, in 1593, the Medici family decided to renovate and give new prestige to the beautiful bridge, choosing to replace the butcher shops with those of the master goldsmiths.

Today, the Cardini family is one of the landmarks of goldsmith’s art on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence: a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation preserving techniques, experience and secrets of this noble profession since 1888.

It was between the end of the 1800s and the first years of the 1900s that the founder Dante Cardini started the business, designing and producing jewelry and fine objects first in silver and then in gold, entirely by hand in the historic goldsmith workshop located on the upper floors of the shop.

Cardini: generations of goldsmiths

The Dante Cardini boutique still retains the traditional style of a historic and prestigious workshop, and the charm of being located in one of the most fascinating places in Florence and the world.  Inside you can find both original Dante Cardini models, made in collaboration with the best Florentine artisan workshops and made according to the highest goldsmith tradition, as well as new creations that manage to reconcile a style that bridges the past and modernity.
This is how Dante Cardini jewelry is born: refined, elegant and seductive, conceived and designed for a modern and sophisticated woman.

The owners Elisabetta and Massimo, the fifth generation of the Cardini family, will welcome you in a traditional, elegant and informal atmosphere, to guide you through a unique and unforgettable experience.
The purchase of the jewelry thus becomes an emotion, a feeling and an indelible memory of a special day and a trip to Florence on the unique and incredibly wonderful Ponte Vecchio.

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