The Florin

The Florin
of Florence

The Golden Florin remained the emblem of the medieval tradition of Florence for over three centuries of history.
This symbol is offered again today by the Dante Cardini Jewelry Shop, either with smooth bezels which can be customized both in finish and in detail, or made with artisan craftsmanship such as filigree.

The Florin proposed by the Jewelry Shop is 18kt,  instead of 24kt as it was originally,  and proposes the same iconography of the Medieval coin: the Lily of Florence and the inscription Florentia on one side, Saint John the Baptist, patron saint of the city on the other.

Moneta Fiorino

From 1252 until 1533 the Gold Florin of Florence was one of the most important and most used coins in Western history, such that it came to be known by the nickname of the Dollar of the Middle Ages“.
It was a coin that proved to be incredibly stable and long-lived, an authentic symbol of a thriving economy in continuous and prodigious expansion, and a faithful example of the City of Florence of those years.

Even today the Florin is able to express the prestige and fame that at the time allowed Florence to survive wars, epidemics and internal struggles, making it the dominant currency of the European economic scene.
Further testimony of its prestige comes from its uniqueness, which made coinage of its multiples and submultiples almost useless.

Large Florin Pendant

Precious 18kt gold coin with 26mm diameter and polished and thick bezel. The original iconography of the florin is also available with a frame in white gold.

Silk Florin Pendant

18kt gold Florin diameter 21mm. Hand-engraved frame with elegant and refined silk effect. Also available in other colours and sizes.

Mignon Florin Pendant

The smallest of the Florins, with a diameter of 16mm. The polished 18kt gold bezel enhances this symbol, also available with a white gold frame.

Lace Florin Pendant

The Florentine fretwork characterizes the frame of the handmade pendant in 18kt gold, also available in white gold. Diameter 30mm.

Classic Florin Pendant

The classic Florin, the historical and prestigious symbol of Florentine history, with original engravings. Pendant made with 18kt gold bail.

Florin Coin

The Lily of Florence on one side and San Giovanni on the other. This model faithfully reflects the medieval coin with its original size of 19mm.

The Dante Cardini Jewelry Shop has taken this priceless Florentine symbol and has handcrafted an object which is iconographically faithful to the original coin such that it manages to embrace the value and history of this beautiful city.

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