Proposal and Solitaire Rings

Proposal and
Solitaire Rings

There is a wide range of solitaire rings in 18kt gold and natural diamonds by Dante Cardini for wedding engagements: from models with a solitaire stone created by “Forever Unique”, to the “baguette” rings of G.Carità and on to the exclusive patented Bouquet by Chimento. The Cardini Jewelry Shop also offers a “tailor made” service to create an exclusive ring from the customer’s design or idea.

All rings can be made with natural diamonds of different colors, purity and carat size.
In addition to the classic round cut known as Brilliant, you can also have the exclusive octagonal “Ideal square” cut or the square Princess cut.

The exclusivity of the Forever Unique collection of diamonds with their Ideal Square patented cut offers the perfect proportion between cut and symmetry.
These diamonds are the only ones with the Ideal Cut that guarantees extraordinary light performance thanks to the symmetrical alignment of each of the 68 facets, maximizing all the classic elements of a diamond’s beauty (shine, fire and brilliance) and surpassing the performance of the classic brilliant cut.

All Diamonds are extracted, cut and polished in “conflict-free” areas of the world, guaranteeing strict standards of environmental and social respect. All our diamonds are accompanied by international certificates such as GIA, IGI.

Custom Design.
In addition to more classic models, Dante Cardini also offers the possibility to create a unique and customizable engagement ring from the customer’s design or idea, with engravings or designs inside.

Solitaire Baguette
Original design Gianni Carità.

Solitaire Tailor Made
From design to realization.

Solitaire Ring Bouquet
“Bouquet”: patent by Chimento.

Solitaire Balance
With Ideal Square diamond cut.

Solitaire Hug
With ideal Square cut and weave of diamonds.

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