Florentine Renaissance


Jewelry made by the best master goldsmiths who still make use of the historical techniques of gold craftsmanship dating back to the Renaissance period.

Rinascimento Fiorentino

The collection is characterized by the use of two main artisanal techniques of gold craftsmanship: fretwork and burin engraving. Fretwork consists of drilling thin sheets of 18ct gold, following a design; burin engraving consists of hand-engraving the object with a burin, a chisel-shaped instrument with a thin steel tip.

Necklace with Gold Lily Pendant

Necklace with “Florentine Leaf” Pendant
With baroque pearl

Mignon Leaf Earrings
With details in white and brilliant gold

“Embrace of Leaves” Ring
With baroque pearl

“Setati” rigid Bracelets
In 4 colors of gold and diamonds

“Silk Button” Earrings
In gold with silk effect

Silk Button Ring Line
With two-tone silk effect, hand-engraved with diamonds