Flavor of Florence Pendants

Flavor of Florence

A very special line of pendants, inspired by the colors of the Florentine spring.
Large semi-precious stones with special cuts mounted on claws made of 18kt gold and diamonds.

All models were designed by the master goldsmith of Dante Cardini “following” the shape of the stone and the shade of colors. Each model of the pendants of the Flavor of Florence line can be reproduced, but each piece is presented as unique and exclusive.

Sapore di Firenze Ametista

Sapore di Firenze Ametista

Necklace with Amethyst Pendant
54ct in pink gold and white diamonds

Sapore di Firenze Citrino

Necklace with Citrine Pendant
20ct heart cut in yellow gold and white diamonds

Sapore di Firenze Prasiolite

Necklace with Prasiolite Pendant
19ct drop cut in gold and champagne diamonds

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