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In the 80s Bettarini, owner and creator of the Ennebi brand, was in charge of the design and mechanical rendering of Officine Panerai,  a watch shop, where he acquired experience in the instrumentation and models of watches produced in the past for both Italian and foreign military divisions.

In 2005, having left Officine Panerai, Bettarini together with his partner Nincheri, after reaching an agreement with F.lli Elmi, the owners of a small industrial group of high-tech mechanical machining, began to produce ENNEBI watches, mounting them right in the clean rooms of F.lli Elmi.

Orologi Ennebi Firenze

In 2018 Bulino was born, an exclusive watch whose series is limited to 5 pieces.
Each of these models, which portray different subjects, represents the synthesis of 2 different crafts: the design and construction of Ennebi handcrafted watches and the mastery of jewelry making according to the Florentine tradition of the Dante Cardini Jewelry Shop.  Even though the shape and finish make you think of a piece of jewelry to be worn in any occasion, the structure makes it suitable for serious or professional underwater use. The sapphire crystal glass is fixed to the bezel. The watertight seal on the axis of the winding crown is made using 2 o-rings mounted on the axis.

The dial of this unique watch consists of a slice of fossilized ivory taken from original mammoth tusks. This is then engraved with dotting technique (also called “scrimshaw” or “Bulino”) by the master engraver Salvadori, who used a different design for each of the 5 specimens.
It is also possible to create objects as per the request of the customer.

Scrimshaw” is an ancient technique of engraving and also an American art form that was performed on the teeth of sperm whales and on the bones of killer whales. This technique was born at the end of the 700, thanks to the work of the crews of the ships. To engrave these types of surfaces, the sail needle or the tip of the knife was used, then using sepia ink and lamp oil for color.
The result is an almost infinite range of shades with crossed hatches and an aspect like that of a dotted tattoo.
The name Bulino comes from the name of the tool used for this work.

CASE BACK in grade 5 titanium.
It shows the reference number and the serial number, with the logo of the CARDINI Jewelry Shop at the center.
In this case Bulino ref. 9666 serial number 1 of 5.

The edition of Bulino ref. 9666 is limited to 5 copies numbered from 1/5 to 5/5 plus 2 copies marked P1 and P2.
Each watch comes with a wooden case which is customized for each watch. Also included is a replacement strap, tools to be able to replace the strap, and the master book.

Orologi Ennebi Firenze

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