Goldsmiths on the Ponte Vecchio

The evocative location offered by the Ponte Vecchio in Florence frames the Dante Cardini Jewelry Shop which carries on the tradition of handmade Florentine jewelry since 1888.

Dante Cardini

The Jewelry Shop

The boutique holds the style and charm typical of the Florentine tradition in an elegant and informal atmosphere.
The original models of Dante Cardini handmade jewelry are complemented by new creations that harmoniously weave together tradition, modernity and quality.

The Jewelry is all handmade in our workshops near the Ponte Vecchio. Pendants, rings, wedding bands, watches and other precious items are produced with passion following the Florentine goldsmith tradition. All precious objects made unique by the unmistakable charm of Italian craftsmanship and the quality of the raw materials used in the production.

Live Special Moments

Dante Cardini
Dante Cardini Eventi
Dante Cardini Collezione sposa

The Dante Cardini Jewelry Shop offers a magical and exclusive experience to make your special day even more unique. For all those who purchase an engagement or wedding ring, the Jewelry Shop offers its own terrace on the Ponte Vecchio for photographic shoots or elegant dinners in collaboration with the Four Seasons Hotel.
In addition, those who purchase a ring of 1.50 ct or more, will have the opportunity to stay for one night in the exclusive Historical Residence Palazzo Aldobrandini of the Pope.

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For more information about Dante Cardini handcrafted jewelry or to request the creation of personal and customized jewelry, do not hesitate to contact us.

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